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Dec 26, 2017

35th ACL Festival and Conference Taiwan 2018 – Call for Scores

The 35th Asian Composers League Festival and Conference will be hosted by Taiwan in October 2018.

General Call for Scores

Orchestra: 8~12 mins. Usual instrumentation; may be concertos, but the composers should invite and fully support their soloist(s).


Chinese Orchestra: 8~12 mins. Instrumentation should be limited within:

4 Gaohu, 4 Erhu I, 4 Erhu II, 6 Zonghu, 4 Gehu, 2 Beigehu, 2 Xiaoruan, 3 Zhongruan, 2 Daruan, 2  Pipa, 2 Yangqin, 1 Guzheng, 1 Gaodi, 2 Zhongdi, 1 Xindi, 2 Soprano Sheng, 1 Alto Sheng, 1  Bass Sheng, 1 Soprano Suona, 1 Alto Suona, 1 Tenor Suona, 4 Percussion

Choral Music: within 8 mins. Chamber Choir with 18 singers:

5 Sopranos, 4 Altos, 4 Tenors, 5 Basses. With or without piano accompaniment. Prepared piano is not possible.

Chamber Music for Chinese and Western Instruments: within 10 mins. For 6~10 players.

Chinese instruments should be limited within: 1 Erhu, 1 Pipa, 1 Di, 1 Sheng, 1 Zheng

Western Instruments should be limited within: 1 Flute/Picc, 1 B/A Clarinet, 1 Alto Saxophone, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Piano. Prepared piano is not possible.

Chamber Music: within 10 mins. Instrumentation should be limited within:

1 Flute/Picc, 1 B/A Clarinet, 1 Alto Saxophone, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Piano. Prepared piano is not possible.

A: For 4~5 players

B: For 1~3 players

May include traditional instruments, but the composers should invite and fully support the musician(s).

Percussion Ensemble: within 10 mins. Up to 6 percussionists.

Electroacoustics/Multimedia: 5~10 mins., works more than 10 mins. will be less considered.

Category: tape music/acousmatic music (up to 8-channel), solo instrument/voice + electronics, ensemble+ electronics (no more than 3 instruments), audio-visual work.

Submission material: recording (CD,DVD), score (if with instrument(s)), technical specifications.

Deadline: We would need your submissions by 17th March Saturday (2 weeks before the 31st March Taiwan deadline) so that we have time to process your materials to forward to the host country.


The 35th ACL Conference and Festival Young Composers Competition

Within 8 mins. A work written for a duet of two heterogeneous instruments, from the following two groups respectively:

Group A: Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass

Group B: Flute/Picc, Oboe, B/A Clarinet and Bassoon

Deadline: Each ACL country shall select a Young Composer Representative under the age of 30 (born after Oct. 19, 1987) We would need your submission by 10th June Sunday (3 weeks before 1 July Taiwan deadline) so we have time to meet and do the selection to represent Singapore.


Download the Application Form: ACL2018_AppForm.doc | ACL2018_AppForm.pdf
The call for scores must be submitted through CSS, and the decision on selection will be done by Taiwan ACL, while the competition selection to represent CSS will be done by CSS EXCO.
For composers who wish to submit scores for both the general call AND the competition, we would need your materials by 17th March. This is to ensure that even if your score were not selected for competition, it would be submitted for call for scores. Please note carefully the instrumentation required for eligibility in both categories. 
Submissions sent electronically through email to us with pdf files or with some ‘cloud’ links would be strongly encouraged.
Please send all the required materials and the signed Application Form to composerssocietyofsingapore@gmail.com with the title “Submission for ACL 2018”.


Each applicant can submit up to 2 compositions. When a composition is selected to be performed in the festival, the applicant needs to provide a score and parts at no charge, and is responsible for clearing all the performance-related rights of the piece. If the composition includes traditional instruments that cannot be found in Taiwan, the applicant needs to provide the instruments for rehearsal and performing use, and to invite instrumentalists when needed.

The host country will ONLY consider applications sent through ACL official members.

Any compositions previously submitted to any ACL music festivals cannot be submitted to this festival. The Applicant must submit one score (copied and bound). For electroacoustic compositions, one score or guide and the system plan must be submitted.

ACL-Taiwan Contact Information:

Email: info@acl-taiwan.org.tw
Fax: +886-2-8809-2522
Add: P.O. Box 2-40 Tamsui Zhuwei, New Taipei City 25199, TAIWAN

All the best, and we look forward to your participation!